10 SECONDS


TJ515-40 TON

What is a TrestleJack?

Whenever you need to change a tyre or repair brake linings or bearings on a heavy load trailer, you can rely on the TrestleJack 40-Ton R22.5 Workshop unit to cut down-time dramatically. It lifts atrailer axle faster than any conventional system - in fact, the entire process can be achieved in less than 10 seconds.

The TrestleJack uses driving motion from the tractor to lift and lower trailer axles. Because nobody is required underneath for the lifting and lowering procedures, the result is a far safer working environment. Once the TrestleJack is upright, it transforms into an axle support stand with a safe working load of 30 tons. Where a complete axle or empty trailer needs to be lifted, you will need to use two TrestleJacks per axle.

Lifting an entire trailer link in less than 7 minutes

Our latest TJ220 Adjustable for lightweight trailers and caravans!


Safer than current methods

<center>Safer than current methods</center>

30 and 50 Ton variants

<center>30 and 50 Ton variants</center>

Maintenance free!

<center>Maintenance free!</center>

For trailers with R22.5 rims

<center>For trailers with R22.5 rims</center>

Less than 10 seconds to lift

<center>Less than 10 seconds to lift</center>

1 year limited warranty

<center>1 year limited warranty</center>