TrestleJacks 30-Ton R22.5

Where it fits

On the road where time literally means money, TrestleJacks 30-Ton R22.5 will reduce down-time by lifting the troubled trailer axle in less time than conventional systems.

The TrestleJacks 30-Ton R22.5 is tailor made for heavy load trailer axles only. Trailers fitted with R22.5 tire size commercial or super single type tyres are the only product lines this TrestleJacks R22.5 range supports. The TrestleJacks 30T R22.5 is designed to fit any square or round axle on most modern trailers in the abovementioned category.

What it does

After all lifting procedures have been followed correctly and carefully, the TrestleJacks are capable of lifting trailer axle(s) by driving onto the TrestleJacks until its in the upright position. The entire lifting process can take less than 10 seconds. In the driver’s cab the driver is informed that the TrestleJacks are in the upright position by providing a positive breaking or stopping feedback from the trailer(s).

What it doesn't do

TrestleJacks are not designed to work on tractors, busses or any other vehicle that does not fit into the above mentioned category i.e: Heavy load trailer running on R22.5 tyres. Do not exceed the 30-Ton weight limit of the TrestleJacks 30-Ton R22.5.


The product is available with a limited 1-year warranty. Please see the warrany section on this site.